Lychee Popsicles

by Sarah on September 2, 2014

in Desserts, Popsicles

Hello there! I have to tell you about something exciting that sits in my room and is furry and four-legged. But first these refreshing popsicles with just ONE ingredient.

lychee popsicles | These lychee popsicles are made with canned lychee, and are the simplest popsicles I’ve made yet. They also help me cool off these warm days in my fourth-floor apartment (top floor in my building).

lychee popsicles | Simply take two 20oz cans of lychee, put the lychees into a blender, blend, and then mix lychee juice back in and pour into popsicle molds. When the lychee popsicles freeze, they taste like sweet lychee!

Bonus point, when you have extra lychee puree and juice, you can pour it into an ice rack and make lychee ice :) The lychee ice cubes melt into your water creating a sweet, lychee-flavored drink.

lychee ice cubes | Now onto my NEWS. I found a panda outside my apartment. It was sitting in a tree. See picture.

At first I thought it was a surprise present for someone, but it stayed there for three days and then fell in the dirt. So I took it to my apartment, dusted it off, and emailed the building to see whose it was. Turns out one of the graduate students moving out didn’t want it anymore, threw it in the trash, where another student found it and then put it on the tree next to the dumpster. Then enters me.

panda collage | I froze it in my freezer for a week wrapped in a plastic bag to kill any parasites or bugs. After it’s “cold treatment” I washed the panda in a laundry bag and left it out to dry (see images going from left to right). The moment when I had to ask my roommate to borrow her mesh laundry bag to wash the stuffed panda I found on a tree was … a little embarrassing. But I’m glad I did it. Because now that the panda is clean, soft, and amazingggg!!! Cookie racks also make amazing stuffed animal drying racks.

:) I thought I’d share. Plus the lychee popsicles remind me of this panda. Any thoughts on what to name it?

Lychee Popsicles

Lychee Popsicles


  • two 20 oz cans of canned lychee


  1. Drain each can of lychee, reserving the liquid in a bowl and putting just the lychees into your blender
  2. Chop in blender till lychees are chopped. You don't want to puree it though, just chop so there is texture to your popsicle.
  3. Pour the reserved lychee liquid into the blender and stir with a spatula so it mixes with chopped lychee.
  4. Pour into posicles molds and freeze overnight.


Recipe makes 8 -10 popsicles.

If you only have 6 molds, pour the remainder into one ice tray and freeze for some lychee ice cubes to put in your water!


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