Savoring Spoon Profile PicWho are you?  My name is Sarah,  and I do the cooking, writing, photography, and web designing around this site. I’ve loved baking since high school, but Savoring Spoon really took off the year after college when for the first time I was learning to cook food that wasn’t sweet. For the first time, I was experimenting with new sauces and flavors, and I felt such joy when recipes turned out yummy and wanted to share it with anyone else who might like to try via my little corner of of the internet that is Savoring Spoon.

That year after college, I also started cake decorating classes hoping to take my long time baking hobby to new glittering fondant-covered heights. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I still find it one of the most satisfying feelings to design and decorate cakes.

What kind of food is on this site? This site is mostly baked desserts with a heavy dose of cake. Cakes, cake decorating, cake art is one of my great loves and you’ll find it sprinkled throughout this site. There are also savory dishes here and there, and I try everything that sounds interesting to make at least once – and if I like the dish the recipe ends up here.

Are you vegan? Very astute of you to ask. You’ve certainly found many vegan cake and baked dessert options on this site, or been referred through outside sites about vegan food. I am personally not vegan, but I think being vegan is a great way to be healthy and reduce our carbon footprint. The reason for all the vegan goods is there is someone near and dear to me who has a severe allergy to dairy. Since making more vegan desserts, I have met many wonderfully supportive people who also have food allergies or specific diet preferences, and have realized that making vegan desserts that everyone can enjoy is one of the most fulfilling things I do.

What do you do when you’re not working on Savoring Spoon? I’m currently a resident physician Northern California.

Who is the Spork? The Spork is my husband and we met in medical school because we were medical school classmates. He taste-tests all the food on this site, and washes all the dishes generated from the making of this food :)

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you stay around to see what I cook up next! If you have any suggestions or questions on a specific recipe, please drop me a comment and I will reply. You can also contact me via email through the contact form on the top right hand corner of the page for more general questions.

Bon Appétit!