Non-Dairy Ice Cream Competition

 The Spork & I have taken upon ourselves to try all the commercial non-dairy ice creams available in our local grocery stores. The Spork has a dairy allergy & I have no allergies so we will be comparing these ice creams to other non-diary ice creams as well as regular ice cream for closeness of flavor. Here is a list of non-dairy ice creams we’ve tried, and our comments on them, in order of favorite-ness:

  1. Coffee Carmel Fudge (Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Line) – rich and creamy, very sweet, does not taste “non-dairy” and tastes just like regular ice cream. This is our most-recommended specialty flavor ice cream.
  2. Cherry Garcia (Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Line) – very similar to the regular cherry garcia flavor of Ben & Jerry’s.
  3. Coconut Bliss Vanilla (Luna & Larry’s) – has real vanilla bean shavings in it! This is seriously yummier than vanilla ice cream with dairy. The melting point of this ice cream is lower than most non-dairy ice creams so if you leave it out on your kitchen counter it will become quite soft and melty within 30 minutes. This is our most recommended basic ice cream. Goes great with pies, crisps.
  4. Coconut Bliss Coconut (Luna & Larry’s) – truly a “coconut bliss” very rich coconut flavor
  5. Coconut Seven Layer Bar (Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Line) – tastes very banana-y, with some chunks of chocolate, yummy but not amazing
  6. Chunky Monkey (Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Line) – also tastes like bananas. It’s just OK.
  7. Soy Creamy Vanilla (Trader Joe’s) – the soy flavor is very strong. Not bad, but certainly does not taste like non-dairy ice cream at all because of the strong soy flavor. It is however the most economical ice cream (price per oz).
  8. Chocolate Fudge Brownie (Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Line) – Does not taste close to regular ice cream, there is something clean about this flavor. Like if chocolate met soap and became one flavor.
  9. Soy Creamy Cherry Chocolate Chip (Trader Joe’s) – least favorite, sorry TJ’s. We love TJ but not for this flavor :(

Trying Soon:

  • Caramel Almond Brittle (Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Line)
  • Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss line (15 flavors, we’ve only tried two!)
  • SO Delicious Line

Any flavors you recommend we try? We are all ears!