Saucy Chow Mein

April 20, 2015 Asian Dishes
Easy Saucy Chow Mein

If there is one thing the Savoring Spork loves, it is chow mein – especially saucy chow mein with noodles swimming in a golden brown coat of soy sauce. Chow mein translates to “fried noodles” and is the noodle cousin of fried rice. You can put anything you want in it – make it vegetarian […]

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Steamed Pork Buns

July 25, 2014 Asian Dishes
Homemade steamed pork buns |

Remember those fluffy steamed pork buns you ate at the dim sum place or picked up at 99 Ranch Market? This is your chance to make it at home! Steamed buns (also known as bao zi) are a Chinese dim sum classic, and the filling comes in all flavors and textures. The pork and vegetable […]

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Pan Fried Tofu

October 17, 2013 Asian Dishes
pan fried tofu thumbnail

This recipe is one of the ones I make most for dinner. It’s pan fried tofu wrapped in a caramelized ginger, sugar, and soy sauce mixture. My mom made this dish a lot while I was growing up, and it’s my favorite recipe that I’ve learned from her. After helping me move into my new […]

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